Want to be able to organise a viewing on any property simply, in 2 minutes, so you can decide if you want to make an offer to buy it WITHOUT flying back to the UK? 

With this 60 minute online mini workshop I’ll help you:

  • Set up 2 options for getting any property viewed - so you are in control and don't need to cancel a viewing

  • Set up a standard form you can use for any viewing so you get the same information from every viewing 

  • See up organised folders for all your viewing notes and photos so that you can always easily find the details whenever you need them. 

Sign up for the mini workshop and walk away feeling ready to view any property in the UK from overseas with ease.



  Why you need 2 ways to get a viewing done 

  How to get viewings done on any property of your choice without feeling like your asking someone for a favour 

  Make sure you are represented in a consistent and professional way to agents and vendors. 

  The 2 mistakes that overseas buyers make when organising for someone else to view for them 

  My tried and tested viewings system that I've used to view hundreds of properties

  My script, my forms and my go to suppliers 

  How you can get comfortable making an offer to buy a property you've never stepped foot inside 

  My viewings system - so you’ll have a first choice and a back up for getting any property viewed.

 A step by step implementation guide to getting my system set up within 21 days






You will receive login details to access the videos, bonus videos & templates after purchase.